1. If the employee has a gap in education for a period of six or more months, then the employee is required to submit a GAP certificate that is notarized , made on a ` 100 stamp paper states the employee’s name, year of GAP and the reason for GAP.

2. In case of medical reasons, copy of the medical certificate attested by a gazetted officer must be attached to the affidavit. GAP Affidavit is to be made in English and the original is to be submitted along with the BGC form at the time of joining.

3. The format for GAP AFFIDAVIT is der in the file section of dis grp.

4. Take Sample Of Affidavit Click Here

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  1. in case of medical reason what type of medical certificate do i have to attach along with the affidavit?

    1. Give some serious resion so that is will acceptable..

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  4. due to aeriers i have one year gap and parallely i have one year experience in that time, how i have to get the gap certificate

  5. Is it the gap in 4 years of college or the whole academic duration?

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  7. what to do if 100 rs stamp paper not available?

  8. i have done my 10th in 2009 getting 75%, but i have cleared my 12th in 2012 and my education was extended by one year with 66% because my father died in 2011 so i am unable to seat in exam on 2011. I fill up the examination form in 2011 but I am unable seat and cleared my 12th in 2012.In tcs form fill up during on campus I mention that I have 1 year gap and I told the hr that because of my father's death I am unable to seat in 2011 although I fill up the examination form and I cleared my 12th in 2012.
    So I want to know in BCG form there is a year gap option,what should I write 1 year gap or nothing.please help me.what should i do. many people saying with extended education you cant join tcs.

  9. can u suggest me some. actually i gave the reason as medically unfit cos it was suggested by one of teachers. pls provide some more details for the medical certificate like dates, reason. etc. i m really unaware of this .plz help