1. It is mandatory that the employee has a PAN card at the time of joining.

2. If u do not have pan card but already applied it then submit acknowledgementslip provided by the Income Tax department, the slip should be attested by a gazetted officer and will be valid for a period of fifteen days post joining, after which the associate must have the PAN card or PAN number with them.

3. Payroll of an associate will not be processed until his/her PAN number is updated in the system.

4.Apply PAN Card as Possible Before Join

-- You must carry 2 attested copy 
-- you also carry 2 non attested copy(For Bank).

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  1. My name was given to TCS as Venkata SameerKumar Bharadwaj Poduru But on PAN it is present as Poduru V S K Bharadwaj(abbrivated) Is it accepted ??

  2. My pancard is missed , i have number........ what will i do?

  3. please send me land deep surety procedure with snaps..

  4. very useful brother thanxx will check back soon. and a you can also check live status from this website found on internet pan card status by name and date of birth

  5. Hello Sir, My joining is on July 4 (still 14 days only), I am going to apply PAN tomorrow only. In case i dont get PAN Card and i can get PAN Number only, Will I able to join ,otherwise, Shall I reschedule my ILP ?
    Please Help.
    Will I get PAN number Within this days, I am so scared .
    If they reschedule means, when shall i get reschedule

  6. I have applied for some corrections now original pan card I don't have but photocopy of pan card I have will they accept ??

  7. Thanks for sharing this great informative site.PAN Card Status

  8. HI.....I have applied for the pancard two days may take another 15-20 days to receive...but my joining is in next it possible to join the ilp training with out pancard. I have called the ilp customer center, but they said that pancard is mandatory you must carry while joining. Please guideme on this.

    1. I have the same doubt...How did you manage..Help me out