Training After join TCS

After TCS Join Process....

--- 1st 2 days only document  verification and  Do and Don't in TCS.
information about tcs.
interaction with Senior Person.

Right now...-- After joined TCS Same day IRA1 And IRA2 conduct. as per the performance "They may reschedule the      joining date Be aware".

Earlier -- After Joining 5th day IRA1 And IRA2 conduct.
    Syllabus and Sample paper coming soon..... see here
-- Business skill and Know your TCS do not ask any question.
--other topic are equally important.

-- total Duration of training EIS --- 3month
                                          IT --- 3month
                                           ITIS --- 1month
-- if your performance is below average then TCS gives remedial and Lap .your training period increase.
-- if your performance high the average then you get extra advantage.. you training period will reduce..

if you have more doubt comment below..


  1. Are u sure that the training period for ITIS is 1 month??

  2. what type of questions does there are in ira1 and ira2 ?

    1. Same quesion like have given in aspire exam...

    2. Same question "like" or the same Questions???

  3. I have typed the blanks in service agreement . Is it compulsory to fill the blanks with pen ???
    If yes ...please reply asap so that I can do it again .

  4. when will rescheduled student get again joining letter

  5. maximum duration to wait for rescheduled students??

  6. Can u plzz send me the syllabus so that i can prepare myself before ilp..!

  7. I am a Mechanical engineer and placed in TCS in ITIS Domain, is there any chances after or during the ILP ,so that I can get trained on my Mechanical domain.

  8. Can i switch from ITIS to IT domain as i am more interested in programming