Training at TCS Before Joining Letter

Hello Friends ...

          After Getting offer letter each of thing king that When TCS send Joining Letter. 
when tcs giving you offer letter then they have decided Which student to Stream(IT/EIS/ITIS).
If you don't know about what is your Stream then pz contact your Tranning and Placement Officer/Department (TPO) .
TCS Taking some test Before send Joining letter that is called Aspire.
In The Aspire Test  ,Each Stream have Different Course  that student should clear so student have basic knowledge about the Course.
PZ Give Aspire very seriously your joining date is deepened on this exam This is one of the most point.

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  1. hi
    this is prasanth
    i didnot receive any mail regarding aspire.will tcs intimate about aspire.(to start or not)
    please give your response to following mail :
    thanks in advance

    1. hey bro you can start giving it any time you want.
      if you don't know where it is...then
      login to your nextstep portal using your CT ID and then select campus commune and you can find the aspire (link :) )
      hope it helps :D

  2. i got offer letter this week....when i will get tcs mail regarding aspire?

    1. You will get Mail in Your ID as per you registered .

  3. My stream as mentioned in my offer letter is applications development nd managing projects... Any information about it???

  4. How to verify offer letter in verification.when i entered it always shows eneter correct offer refference. What information we need to enter

  5. i got the joining letter. should i need to complete the aspire quizzes?

    1. hey where are you from?
      what's your joining date and how many aspire quizzes you have given?


  6. My 2 friends join the TCS but they both had not completed their aspire programe.They got the joining letter when their aspire score was 0.So how could you say that the aspire programe is essential for joining the TCS?