On every TATA Product ....TCS people will get discounts. For all the TCS employees..
But you have to show your ID card ...every where. Such as
1. Titan Watches----5%
2. Westside Garments---10% If u pay by cash and 7.5% if you through debit and credit cards.
3. Thanisq jeweler---7% discount on making charges. Not on jewelry.
4. Tata motors...They will reduce some 30000 to 40000 for TATA cars below 7 lakes and 10000-20000 for more than 7 lakes
TATA nano---They will give to all the TCS employees. Without any down payment...They will deduct the amount from your salary
5. Star Bazar---u will get 5%...on all retail products.
6. Taj hotels---10% discount......
7. Tata Capital--.For your house loans and personal loans...These are all the facilities that I got when I was in TCS....Believe. No other company will provide these many facilities...and lot more are there...U will know everything during induction period...

If You Want t  Join See Experience...

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