TCS Surety as Make Fixed Deposit(FD)

1.the FD should me prepared 1 week prior to the ILP starting date...even its having the agreement of more than 2 years (e.g 2 yrs 2 months).
2.Since some banks are denying to write the following statement over the FD :"This FD is assigned to TCSL".
So its alternate option is to get a revenue stamp, write the above statement in this and get it notarized.
But it would be much better if the respective bank manager itself is writing the above statement over the FD.
3.Those who are opting for FD don't need to fill-up any details related to the signature, no name of surety nd not any other detail of the surety. ie..all fields related to surety info SHOULD BE LEFT COMPLETELY BLANK.

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  1. U said "All fields related to surety info should be left blank", this is to be done in the service agreement form or the surety verification form?